Beet Citrus Berry Smoothie’s anyone?

Talk about a YUMMY workshop while we had FUN and MADE 130 MEALS to take home to our families.  Thank you for hosting Holly and for making so many tasty Wildtree snacks and recipes for us to try!  The Beet Citrus Berry Smoothie and the enchiladas with Cactus Pete’s BBQ Sauce were hits!  Holly shared how much she loves using the Wildtree website Recipe tab (see info below) to make new recipes.

Holly Fisher 031516 d

Thanks for coming ladies!  It was nice meeting you all and I can’t wait to hear how much your families are loving the meals:)


*Go to and choose the recipe tab,
plug in your product/ingredients you already have and/or meal type (vegan, gluten free, under 450 calories, snacks, Whole 30, etc) and Voila!! Dinner is almost done!



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