What do you get when you put Family, Friends, Fun and Food together?  190 healthy, fast and stress free mealtimes to come!

FUN time last night prepping meals for our families.  Thank you for hosting Ashley! You are an amazing host and helped your friends with prep, questions and gave some great advice.  These ladies are finally excited about dinnertime!! YAY!

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We made Summer Breeze Slowcooker menu (my favorite crock pot bundle) and Simply Wholesome (Whole 30) menu.  Can’t wait to hear what you chose as you first Wildtree meal!

Summer Breeze Menu has a lot of left over Margarita mixer so I armed the ladies with some FUN ways to use it:)  Which recipes are you going to try?

Margarta suggestions for left over

The butcher option was VERY popular.  Bruce at the Butcher Block does all of the prep work and has each meal divided into bags and ready to add veggies and Wildtree.  Great option!!  Bruce prepped 400 pounds of meat for some of the guests!  Thanks Bruce!

Ashley McFarland 032416 b




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