Meal Prep and Ketchup?!

Meal Prep and Ketchup go hand in hand right?!  It sure does for Faith!  She couldn’t wait to try Wildtree ketchup and she loved it.  Kid approved!

We had a FUN & PRODUCTIVE Saturday afternoon prepping 10-20 meals per guest.  You couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies!  Thank you for hosting Kaylene!  I can’t wait to hear how stress free & healthy dinnertime is changing your world Sandy, Sharrion, Jill, Shauna and Emily.

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Women worried about what we feed our kids, ourselves and the ones we love.  We talked a lot about the preservatives, dye, GMO, MSG and bad ingredients that we are always worried about being in our food.    WORRY NO MORE WITH WILDTREE!!

See you all for the next workshop at Emily’s in May!!

5 Staples swap43Wildtree is 2



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