We all know that a freezer packed with meals is a serious accomplishment — a gift from your present self to your future self. But how do you actually stock your freezer with healthy meals and have fun? The BEST & most PRODUCTIVE way is Wildtree workshops (a little wine and friends helps too!)

Here is a sneak peak into the FUN we had last night!  These amazing women had a blast and left with 140 meals!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for hosting Justine!  I know your friends were so excited to be invited to your workshop and to be introduced to Wildtree meal planning!  Thank you for coming Lule, Mary Jo, Ashley, Carol, Melissa, Erica and Liz.  It was exciting to share this amazing dinnertime solution with you all!!

What does a dinner solutions workshop actually involve?  How do we coordinate the shopping and planning and cooking?  SEE HERE

What are the benefits, savings and reasons to meal plan? How do we make so many meals?  SEE HERE

With the right tools, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!


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