Top Reasons to Host or Attend a Meal Prep Workshop

I think we all know that the freezer can be a glorious secret weapon in the daily tussle to get healthy, delicious, and budget-friendly dinners on the table. But that’s just the beginning……

I worked with this amazing group of ladies to help them stock their freezer at Lisa’s Meal Prep Workshop this week. Here is a sneak peek of the party! 

Thank you for hosting Lisa!  Your friends were amazing and so relieved to leave your house with 2 weeks of stress free dinners.  Thank you for coming Dayna, Audrey, Victoria, Melissa, LaRosa and Tracie.  Hope you had fun at your first workshop!!  Enjoy your meals!

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The ultimate step is filling your freezer with meals — cleverly prepped and organized to help you pull off the last-minute magic of a yummy meal. But this organization and work is really better done with friends: A meal prep workshop party!

What’s a Meal Prep Workshop Party?

At its simplest, it brings friends together to prep, package, and freeze meals for their households or families. You put in the upfront prep work and get to spend time together to finalize all of the meals.  See step by step process here.

Why Have a Meal Prep Workshop Party with friends?

Why prep meals together? Many reasons, but especially because it’s more fun!  With the grocery list, prep directions, recipes, bag labels and inventory list provided it makes it easy to enjoy the time together while also being productive! 

Top Reasons to Host or Attend a Meal Prep Workshop Party

Beyond efficiency of time, there are other reasons for prepping a lot of meals together:

~Solve the “What’s for dinner” @ 5oclock question

~ Get it done NOW instead of going to the store once a day

~Save money, time and stress in the kitchen

~New ideas instead of the same 5 menu’s. Get out of the meal rut!

~Control the quality and ingredients of your meals

~No more wasted food because of recipes you didn’t try/have time for

~Have FUN with friends while also being productive!

But the best reason, in my mind, is the excuse to spend an afternoon or week night with friends and family whom you may not see as often as you would like.  You get time to talk and hang out with the satisfaction of leaving with weeks worth of healthy, yummy meals.

 If you’re looking for more tips, recipe ideas and inspiration on how easy it can be to meal prep with friends check out here.


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