Meal Prep- Save Time, Stress and Your Health

Ever wonder how much time you spend shopping for and preparing meals?  How much money you spend on unhealthy processed foods because you just don’t have time to prepare homemade food every day?  If you’re anything like most people, your busy schedule dictates the foods you eat, meaning you rely on convenience and commercially-prepared foods for at least part of your diet.

Instead of running to fast food, you’ll have a home cooked feast on hand that can be cooked faster than you can walk two blocks. (Leaving you with more time to squeeze in family time in the evenings!) And hey, you’ll save money while you’re at it.

If you’re intimidated by cooking, love cooking, already meal prep or not, I have tricks that can help make assembling delicious & healthy meals a cinch. One little hint…….WILDTREE WORKSHOPS!!


These amazing ladies took action and made meal time healthy, stress free and yummy.  A little FUN never hurt either;)  Here is a sneak peek into our fun night of meal prepping with friends!

Thank you for hosting Mary Jo!  Kate, Kelly, Elisa, Kristen, Laura and Colleen, I can’t wait to hear you are loving your healthy meals and stress free meal time.  See you at the next workshop!!

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If you’re looking for more tips, recipe ideas and inspiration on how easy it can be to meal prep with friends check out
For more information contact Kathy McCool
Wildtree Director, Meal Prep Coach and Blogger

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