Top 5 Reasons to Meal Plan

While meal planning can be considered a chore to add onto your “to-do list,” this is one chore that should be at the top of that list! What if I told you we could meal plan WHILE HAVING FUN WITH FRIENDS?  That’s just what we did and everyone left with 10-20 family size meals for their busy nights ahead.  Healthy, easy and convenient were three words used a lot last night!

Thank you for hosting Alyssa & Carmen!  Courtney, Courtney, Becka, Rosa, Joy, Rachel, Kara, Nancy, Jenni, Chelsea, Christina and Amanda, I can’t wait to hear you are loving your healthy meals and stress free meal time.  See you at the next workshop!!

Here are 5 reasons why meal planning matters:

1. Save moneysave-money

When you have your meals planned, it makes grocery shopping a breeze.  You’ll be more likely to stick to your list and less likely to make impulse purchases.  This way you’ll go to the grocery store with purpose rather than on the whim and you won’t come out with a dozen of random unhealthy food items, most of which you won’t eat. Plus with so many delicious meals to look forward to, you’ll be spending less money ordering costly takeout or dining out.

2. Eat healthier

If you have to come up with something to eat last minute, you’ll find yourself probably going out for dinner instead. As a result, you are most likely to end up exceeding your daily calorie and sodium intake! Even just stopping at the grocery store to pick up a last minute dinner may lead to poor choices. When you shop hungry, you are more likely to throw junk food into your cart.  Planning your meals ultimately allows you to take control of your own personal nutrition needs and less likely to act on impulse drive thru or take out. Wildtree chef designed recipes are nutritionally dense and approved by our Registered Dietician, so you can feel good eating them!

3. Save Time

save-timeOur set grocery lists will prevent you from wandering around the grocery store aimlessly and our meal plans will save you from having to think about what to eat every day.  If you find yourself quite busy during the workweek, take some time out WITH FRIENDS to prepare most of your meals. Having the meals done will allow you to have something healthy and DONE for when you arrive home exhausted and don’t feel like prepping a whole meal.

4. Eliminate Mealtime Stress

The daily “what’s for dinner” thought that plague our minds throughout the day is a constant stress to have, but it’s easily prevented by having a plan.  Having your calendar filled in with a meal plan will provide an easy answer! If you’re tired of this question and you’re often short on time, Wildtree workshops will be your new best friend. Having 10-20 new meals to choose from your freezer makes mealtime stress free!!

5. Less Food Waste

Approximately 40% of food in the US goes to waste, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization.  By planning out your meals and only purchasing what you really need, you can avoid adding to this shocking statistic.

If you’re looking for more tips, recipe ideas and inspiration on how easy it can be to meal prep with friends check out
For more information contact Kathy McCool
Wildtree Director, Meal Prep Coach and Blogger

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