4 Reasons to Cook Your Freezer Meals with an Instant Pot

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1. Bring some adventure to your kitchen.

For weeks after purchasing her Instant Pot, Mandy, was ducking and covering every time she cooked with it. She has since determined that this fear is unwarranted, even after she got sprayed by one of her soups. Seriously, these appliances are safe, but they still might give you the thrill you are looking for in the kitchen.

2. Say goodbye to consistency/texture slow cooker meals.

Have you have ever been disappointed by a slow cooker meal that looked and smelled amazing, but when you bit into it it was all grainy or the vegetables were mushy? Because the Instant Pot cooks meals more quickly and all of the moisture is kept inside by the seal, the texture of your meals will not be effected like it sometimes is in the slow cooker.

Just a disclaimer, we all still love our slow cookers, but some dishes taste better slow cooked than others. The Instant Pot is a great equalizer!

3. Don’t worry about defrosting meals!

Say what?

Yes! the Instant Pot lets you break one of the cardinal rules of freezer cooking. And let’s face it. Real life happens. Sometimes it is 5:30, and dinner is still a frozen brick. But with the Instant Pot you can cook freezer meals from frozen and still cook it in less time than the original recipe!

4. Save TONS of time on serving day. 

Some of you are seriously busy. You wear a lot of hats, and even with freezer meals you don’t always have time to wait for a meal to bake or slow cook. If you don’t know this already, increased pressure means that you can cook at higher temperatures, which means that you can cook meals in a fraction of the time!


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