Workshops are designed to SAVE you money, time & stress at mealtime! 

Your Wildtree workshop kit ($78+10% shipping+your local food tax) plus your grocery list which can range from $115-$140 depending on which menu you are making, where you do your grocery shopping and what grade of meat/veggies you buy, the investment is $3-$4 per serving from your grocery budget.

At the workshop each guest makes 10-20 meals that feed 5-6 adults. MANY families are able to get 20 full dinners or 10 dinners and 10 lunches out of one workshop. PLUS you take home your leftover Wildtree Bundle products and can typically make up a whole set of meals yet a second time!  

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Cost comparison examples:USDA pricing-page-0


Save Money

Why does this save you money?

  • No last-minute carry out! The average cost of a fast food meal for a family of 4 is $26
  • No last-minute runs to the grocery store (daily)! – I always get suckered into impulse buys just when I go for 1-2 ingredients!
  • Wholesale Prices! – Batch cooking like this not only saves you time but money when you can purchase large quantities of meat and veggies at wholesale discounts
  • No Spoilage and wasted groceries! No more pitching all those fresh veggies that you had every intention of eating! When you have a purpose and plan for everything you buy, there is zero waste! The average American family throws away over $100 in spoiled groceries per month!

 Tips for Participating on a Budget!

  • Shop early and in bulk – check the circulars and buy up meat when it is on sale.
  • Re-purpose your Freezer Meat – You can use frozen meat and veggies that you already have! Do NOT defrost your meat, you will just keep it frozen and add your Wildtree and shared ingredients to the frozen meat. On the day you cook the meal and the bag defrosts, gently massage the bag to make sure the ingredients blend.
  • Check your pantry- You may already have some of the groceries in your pantry!
  • Buy frozen Veggies – You will be freezing your veggies anyhow, may as well buy them frozen to start with. Veggies do NOT loose any nutritional value when they are frozen, in fact, many times of the year frozen veggies are “fresher” than the items you find in the produce isle! Also, frozen bags of veggies often come pre-chopped so this also saves you time prepping!
  • Invite a Friend to Join You! For every guest you invite that was not on the original guest list, you will get $5 off your Wildtree Bundle!
  • Host a Workshop! Hostesses with 8 workshop guests get their Wildtree Bundles for FREE plus additional host rewards! Contact your Wildtree Rep for her open workshop dates – often she will book up 4-12 weeks in advance so don’t delay if you need your freezer stocked!

How much is your TIME worth?!

Save time