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You’re Workshop Kit How to Guide!

Step 1: Shop. Ideally you would do this the day or 2 before you assemble your workshop CF GLusing the provided grocery list. Keep in mind, you can swap proteins for what you like or use what is already in your freezer. Don’t like fish? Use chicken. Just keep in mind if you make swaps, your cooking instructions may be different from the provided recipe at cook time. You also have the option to switch out fresh vegetables with frozen if you’d prefer.

See: Grocery List  & Shopping Prep Chart

Step 2: Label. Mark your freezer bags. Number them 1 to 10. Serving sizes are listed for each recipe, but you can adjust the recipe to fit your family’s needs. Need smaller meals? You can make 20 freezer bags instead of 10, splitting the recipe ingredients into 2 bags per CF chartrecipe.  (I do not recommend this for crockpot meals!)

Step 3: Chop. Prepare and chop your ingredients. For recipes calling for meat that is cut up, you can ask your butcher to do that when you buy it. Most grocers also carry precut veggies; this is another time saving option you can choose during Step 1.

See: Shopping Prep Chart for what needs to be chopped-if anything

Step 4: Fill Bags. Place meal ingredients in corresponding numbered freezer bags following the Pre-Workshop Prep Chart. Once complete, keep these bags cold in the refrigerator until you are ready to assemble them with your Wildtree workshop kit. If you buy your meat frozen, it’s ok to pre-bag. However, you will want any ground meat to be thawed so you can mix it well with other ingredients. When assembling have ready any additional items from your shopping list, an apron, measuring cups, and spoons.CF workstation

See: Prep Chart for what goes in each of your 10 bags

Step 5: Assemble Meals.  Add the Wildtree Products & common ingredients that came in your bundle to your labeled bags according to your Workstation Recipes. Squish, mush & combine the ingredients in the bag, then flatten and get as much air out as possible.  Place the bag label on the bag and place in a 2nd freezer bag (if you choose to double bag) and stack in your fridge or freezer for dinner for the next few weeks!  Lay each bag flat as possible to save room in your freezer and help the meals thaw faster ! Repeat for each bag #1-10

See: Workstation Recipes for what goes in each of your 10 bags

Step 6: Freeze Meals.  Hang the Freezer Meal Inventorydocument on your fridge/freezer CF listso you know what you have in your freezer! This inventory also lists what you will need for day of cooking along with serving suggestions!




CF recipes

Step 7: Use your Meals. Use your included recipe cards to make your meals for dinner! The same info is also on the bag labels of each meal!  There are some additional recipes included to use up some of your left over Wildtree products that you didn’t use up in the assembly of your workshop!  Additional recipes for EACH of your Wildtree products can be found Here





– If this is your first workshop, you’ll want to allot 1-2 hours of prep time.

– Consider shopping in bulk (ie: Costco or Sam’s)

– Check ads for special pricing- shop the sales and sub proteins for what is on sale!

– To save time: have your butcher cut your protein and buy frozen veggies

Using your meals & extra products:

– Now that your freezer is stocked up, don’t forget about your meals!  A great tip is to take 2-3 meals out on the weekend so you have them to eat throughout the week!

– I recommend defrosting all meals in the fridge for a night or 2 before cooking

– Ask me for a guide to help use up the products in your workshop bundle

– Additional recipes for EACH of your Wildtree products can be found Here

– Try to polish them off within the next 3-4 weeks.

–  Continue to restock your freezer with me!  Contact me to either host your own workshop with your friends and family or to get a workshop bundle shipped to you directly to again!

Enjoy & let me know of any questions you may have!