We are a collective group of entrepreneurs living the life we want to live and creating our own legacy with flexibility and financial freedom!  We are proud to be part of a company that is committed to helping people and is passionate about responsible sourcing, quality ingredients and great food.  #BECAUSEOFWILDTREE

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WHAT: A Product we can stand behind.

Wildtree was founded 20 years ago by Leslie Montie. 2 of her 3 children had severe food allergies and she needed a product line for her own kitchen that would keep her family safe, but also fed healthy meals on a budget.  SEE HER STORY HERE
*We are an all-natural food company, which means you NEVER have to check a Wildtree label wondering what harmful or hidden ingredients are included.
*We are FREE of all “bad acronyms”, 100% peanut free, Non-GMO, low in sodium and sugar.
*We are Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, and Certified Kosher.
*We help families get back around the dinner table and enjoy stress-free meals.

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WHAT: We offer 3 different streams of income

*In-home Dinner Prep Workshop and Tasting events = We get paid to hang out, have a glass of wine with amazing people and help them save time, $$$ and stress in the kitchen. YES! YOU choose your availability, your work hours… this is YOUR business!

*Virtual Facebook Events = Facebook parties are all the rage… get paid to party online, ANYWHERE in the Nation!

*And NOW, our BRAND NEW APP!! = Shopping, meal planning, recipe filters including Top 8 Allergen filters!!, using up the Wildtree in your pantry and earning commission AND App credit on purchases!!

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WHEN: Great Economic Timing!

Wildtree is a part of THE enormous billion dollar meal kit industry!
We are excited be in service to others through our meal planning services, high quality of customer care, and beyond comparable healthy options! What could you do with a piece of this pie?? Do you want to be a part of the growth we are projected to see?

Get in now while it’s still GROUND FLOOR!
We are talking BILLIONS OF DOLLARS being spent in the next few years on GOOD FOOD.
Why not from you?

What would you do with an extra $500 per month? $1,000 per month? $5,000 per month?

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WHY: Company Paid Incentives- There are SO MANY!

*Company paid host program
*FREE Business Supply Dollars
*Get Cookin’ Program- earn $2095 of income and tons of swag just for launching your business with a bang following our step by step plan!  You can even earn your business kit rebate or a Tiffany Bracelet! (see flyer below)
*An annual all expenses paid incentive trip that we call Soiree! I’ve earned incentive trips to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Panama!  This year we are going to COLOMBIA!!  You can earn trip for 1, 2, Presidents Club or trip for 4!



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WHY: An incredible compensation plan!
Let’s be real. We all come here for different reasons.
(See some of the personal stories below!)

*Some come for the awesome community or to have some FUN.
*Some for personal growth or to challenge themselves.
*Some join so they can use the product line within their own home and share it with those they love.
*Others come seeking a change in their daily schedule and then of course, a change in income.
*Many come to make a full time income and the $$$ they KNOW they’re worth!

Earn an income by sharing Wildtree via:
*Personal Sales. As you’ve learned, we sell our product through a variety of avenues. You’ll earn 25-40% on anything you personally sell. …a top compensation plan in the industry!

*Team Building. We also earn income through sharing our opportunity, which we believe is the very best “product” we have to offer. Team Leaders (our very first promotion) earn 40% on their personal sales, 12% on the individuals immediately direct to them and 7% on the individuals under the first tier. REALLY!!! Be thinking about what you’ll do with that extra $1,000+ per month!

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HOW: Our Business Builder Kit
So you’re probably wondering, how much. The Wildtree business builder kit is ONLY $129!
YOU GET EVERYTHING IN THE VIDEO BELOW to start your own Wildtree business and do your first 6-8 parties without ever spending another dime….catalogs, order forms, training, samples, and more.

Ever run your family through the drive-thru? What was that bill?
Ever walk into Target and walk back out with a cart full? What was that bill?
My point? There is NO BETTER DEAL out there if you are considering starting YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

What other details should you know?

*No inventory.
*No monthly quotas. We have a 4 month sales minimum of $350. 
*We pay just $15/month for an awesome E-Suite package that includes personal website, back office support and our Wildtree Meals App!! It totally pays for itself!
*You are linking arms with rapidly growing Organizations throughout the Nation.
*We have FUN! We work hard and play harder!


So what do our husbands have to say about Wildtree?!


why we wildtree

Hi!!!  My name is Kathy McCool and I am married to my high school sweetheart and we live in Nashville on 80 acres south of the city. We have 2 kids, Noah who is 6 and Alex who is 4. We love traveling, off road camping, outdoors and Wildtree! I  have worked in the corporate world as an Accounting Manager for 15 long hard years.  This has made me into who I am today!  But who I was in the corporate role was just a number even though I cared so much about my work and my “career”.  Do more, be more and give more of what the bosses expected!  I started with Wildtree by mistake 4 years ago because I wanted access to every healthy meal plan that Wildtree offered.  12342790_10207981136227606_4540333088554248333_n I was working 50 hours per week in a stressful corporate accounting manager role and was desperate for meal planning help! I had our entire daily lives planned, organized and scheduled but dinnertime was always a nightmare. After coming home exhausted all day from a stressful day at work, there would be two hungry crying kids and a husband that wanted fed. Have you been there?!  Talk about major mom guilt! We were also starting our clean eating journey as that was a top priority for our family now that we were feeding 2 kids. I wanted FREEDOM from cooking for hours and crying kids at every mealtime, FREEDOM from stressing over labels and what I was feeding our family and FREEDOM from 50+ hour a week job where I was missing valuable time from our young children that I could never get back.  Now that Wildtree is in my life I have all of these things and more!  I also get to help other families attain their version of FREEDOM!  I also liked the idea of access to all of Wildtree’s meal planning services without having to “work” around someone else, plus be able to do it all at a discount.

I decided to invite 4 of my friends over to prep some meals with our workshop kits so it would be more fun than doing it alone. It was also an excuse to spend time together while being productive We all fell in love immediately! Who wouldn’t love the grocery lists, organization, amazing tasting meals and stress free dinnertime!? I never imagined 18 friends would show up the following month and they all loved it too! I now have 10 workshops a month and stay booked out 90+ days in advance.

What I found was that I needed to DREAM!  I had worked myself into a “workaholic” number and wasn’t me anymore.  I want a business of helping others, giving back to the community and working with women that have so much potential but they may not see it in themselves!  Wildtree has allowed me to go on extravagant trips with my family, save money and not worry about the little extras we wanted to have in our lives. It allowed me the flexibility to work alongside my accounting job while promoting to Director with Wildtree. This is something I have worked 12+ years to do in my accounting career and was not able to do so just based on MY hard work and ethic. As of August 2017 I retired from my accounting career and have replaced my full time income with Wildtree!  I now control my destiny and get paid what I AM WORTH!

The scope of Wildtree is UNLIMITED and you don’t know where it will take you. I invite you to consider this opportunity and find out what options are available to you! Wildtree changes lives! Not just our customers, our lives too!

Hey there! My name is Mandy Bell. I live in Cabot, AR and I am proudly the only team leader with Wildtree in this state! I started my journey with Wildtree back in October of 2015 and quickly knew I just had to share the many aspects of this product with as many people as I could. I am a wife, mom, crossfit coach and a nurse, so you could say that I have a passion for helping others. One thing crossfit has taught me over the last 4 years is what you put into your body comes out in your daily life. The way you feel, perform, your mood, and even sleep depends on what you feed yourself. So when I learned about Wildtree, the aspect of organic ingredients paired nicely with my lifestyle. I was hooked and began to share it with my closest friends first and then eventually to my crossfit family. 

Mandy Bell 1The products sells itself, all I have to do is give them the knowledge that Wildtree exists. I have no experience with direct marketing. I always pictured those people to be hounding and bugging you about trying their product. I do not have to do that with Wildtree. Everyone is interested in eating 😉 The concept of eating and partying with friends is very intriguing to most and I am really enjoying having the flexibility with my own business. I have decreased my hours at the hospital from 20 a week to about 12 and Wildtree supports the lost hours easily. Most of all it’s just very exciting to be able to share such a superior product to people who have never heard of our company before. Oh and I would also like to add…even though this is “my business,” I never feel alone when I run into issues. There are many people who can answer any question I have, usually at any hour, with the multiple Facebook groups and my upline. If you are thinking about joining us…jump in with two feet or one. Let us impress you and your friends because rest assured, we will.  Check THIS out as Mandy shares her story on her Wildtree WHY.

Hi! My name is Jamie Wright and I am coming to you from Spring Hill, TN where I am growing my amazing Wildtree business. I have a degree in Portrait Photography and started my own studio at the young age of 21. In the last 15 years I have worked hard to juggle my business in an ever changing industry, while growing my family of 6. As my role slowly changed from photographer, to wife, to mother, I found myself torn between the amount of work I would need to put into my business versus my family. It was no question that my family was where my heart was.


As much as I felt my calling to take care of the duties of the home, real life still happened and I often sent the SOS text to my husband at 4pm asking, “When are you going to be HOME?!” I considered myself good at meal planning and cooking in general, but the actual dinner hour came with fighting kids, crying babies and one stressed out mom. I came across Wildtree in November 2015 and somehow convinced 23 of my friends to come to a workshop, having never been to one myself. 🙂 At the time, I was more focused on the social aspect of the event, but it became very clear once we brought Wildtree into our home that it was much more than that. The food was FANTASTIC. I found myself getting EXCITED about dinner time. I knew I had to share this with more people.

This mission is more than food. I believe in family, I believe in purpose, and I believe in living life together…listening, loving, and supporting. Wildtree encompasses where I am in this season of life. I have been given a chance to get outside of my box and really “see” people and the beautiful lives that they live. It’s so special to be a part of a bigger picture business; using our talents and uniqueness to build one another up, while at the same time bringing families together. I am so glad you’re here and we just can not wait to hear YOUR story!

Hello! My name is Samantha Sellers. I live in Spring Hill, TN. I am a wife to a husband who is always supportive, a Spiritual leader and my best friend. I am a super proud mom of three beautiful kids, 11, 9, & 7. And I am a fitness instructor/trainer for over 20 years. Between my kids activities, my hobby and just life….we are a busy family! Wildtree has been a huge blessing to me at dinnertime!SSellersSSellers1

When I started with Wildtree in January of 2016, my plan was to share with my friends and family the health benefits of the products and the ease of dinner meal prepping. In my industry I get asked a lot about what to eat; so this was perfect! It ended up becoming something that has grown into a business. The Wildtree income has helped with family vacations, paying down debt and a future trip to Disney!

Wildtree is an amazing company. Very supportive and willing to help to make you successful. I can’t wait to hear how Wildtree will bless your life. Whatever that might look like!!   So excited you are wanting to learn more about Wildtree and helping to get families back to the dinner table!


See why Anne Joined Wildtree