When I was introduced to Wildtree I did workshops every month at my home with friends.  We would each make 20 meals and be done with food prep for the month!  Everyone loved using the clean Wildtree products and then you add in the menu planning services and it made this a constant need in our lives.  Here the idea for Preferred Friends Group was born!  I created this Preferred Friends program just for YOU!  Convenient, ships right to you, saves money, no fees AND you get to choose what you want each month.  Consider this the EASY button for mealtime!


See how Preferred Friend Ashley menu plans the Wildtree way using the Make Fresh Menus


Holly Fisher (Preferred Friend for 2 years) “I love the Wildtree Preferred Friends Program because each month I get to reorder my favorite Wildtree supplies and try new menus while getting a deal! I always have my Wildtree list going of my favorites to reorder. When I see the list of Wildtree workshop menus, I get inspired to fill my freezer again. My best friend and I love to make our workshop kits together and have delicious, healthy, easy meals at hand for our families. *SURPRISE* I even get hostess rewards once a year and got $200+ of free stuff! How can you go wrong?