Why Is Host Coaching SO Important?

Parties are the backbone of our business because it’s where we can generate sales, get future bookings, and get people interested in our business — all at once!  Of course the more people you have at the party, the more money you will make, and the more future bookings and team members you will get.  Learning how to work with your host is one of the most important things you will do!

Step 1- Establish Your Timeline and Dates

Use the host coaching checklist to stay organized and timeline set for the host contacts. Use your working Wildtree calendar (and set alerts if needed) to add these tasks and contacts to your schedule.

THIS is the App-y Hour checklist

THIS is the Workshop checklist

Step 2- Have first phone call with your host (MONUMENTAL to  have a successful party!)

It is so important to know WHY your hostess wants to host and what she wants for herself and for her friends from the workshop.  Set her goal of 8-12 guests and be clear on personally inviting 40-50 guests to hit that goal. Once you have her buy-in and commitment to this goal you help her hit it!  Align her goals with yours and you are set for success!

HERE is the host coaching script for App-y Hour

HERE is the host coaching script for Workshops

Step 3- Send your host the invite and directions that you reviewed on your call.

You will send an email right after your host coaching call to summarize your call and arm her with the 40 friends in 4 minutes document. You will be texting her the invite language in individual messages so she can easily copy and paste to send friends today.

For App-y Hour Party- HERE (step 2 & 3) is the email and texts to send your host.
Choose a photo from HERE and send to her to include in her initial invite text.

For Workshops- HERE is the email and texts to send your host.

HERE is the  40 Friends in 4 Minutes to help your host get her guest list together. Inviting 40-50 friends will turn into 12 RSVPed guests (general rule of 1/3 guests invited will actually RSVP).  HERE is an amazing call playback on how to use this document, work with your host and get MANY REFERRALS to explode your business!

Step 4- Keep in contact with your host

Keep in contact with your host every few days leading up to the party date or for workshops the order date (RSVP due date)!  Texting, talking and messaging your host consistently is SO IMPORTANT.  DO NOT JUST email their to-do list. Ask direct questions like: How are your personal contacts going? How many yeses do you have? What questions are you getting? How many have you invited? How can I help?

Celebrate the yeses leading up to the party.  She will also be sending you pictures of her completed 40 friends in 4 minutes document along with referrals throughout this process per the host call you had with her at booking.

Be motivational and hold them accountable to the goal you both set on your first call. You are the hosts support and here to help her meet her goals!

For App-y Hour Party- HERE (step 4-5) gives you the wording to have your host send her invites/guests in the 3-4 days before the party and at 1 day before the party.

For workshops- Click HERE for the 2nd and 3rd emails to send your host leading up to order date.


Host Hesitations

Let’s talk a bit about host hesitations. Has anyone ever heard this from their host before?
“No one can come”
“It is too expensive”
“I don’t want to be pushy”

See the below video for tips on some common hesitations and how to help your host overcome them.

HERE a link to overcoming objections & hesitations. Get to know this document backwards and forwards. Have your bestie, your kids whomever throw out objections until it rolls off your tongue. This is not be pushy or salesy, it’s helping people get past their fears to do something they really want to do- not to talk someone into something!