Party Set Up

For App-Y Hour Party

HERE is the App-y Hour Party checklist with everything you need for your party.

For Workshop

Here is a visual of the workshop workstation.  Each guest needs a body worth of space (placement or seated spot at a table).  I ask my host to have the workshop kits out of the box and at the stations so that when I arrive 30 minutes before the workshop/party we can finish up the snacks and put final touches on everything.  Therefore you won’t be stressed trying to get the kits out of the boxes and set up before guests arrive.  This allows you more mingle time with the host to start planting seeds on the opportunity, build excitement about her party and a deeper relationship before guests arrive.  I coach the host to great guests, have them start making snack plates and then moving toward the living room so we can get started within 5-10 minutes of start time.
**Note: The only two documents set out at the station is the workstation recipes and the bag labels.  You want to keep the envelope packet of the other documents with you and give to the guest (along with a catalog and order form) once they have their one on one time with you.  This is for a few reasons; the documents don’t get dirty, the guest doesn’t get overwhelmed on what directions to follow and they do have to get with you before they would sneak out of the workshop.


The Importance of a Great Demo

Having an effective demo is important.  Your demo should be focused on showcasing our business opportunity, generating future bookings and maximizing sales.  The key to YOUR demo is to share what YOU love and are passionate about.  Be sure to touch on the 3 ways to Wildtree- As a Rep, as a host and as a customer.  And the 4 ways to use our menu planning services- Make Anytime, Make Ahead, Make Fresh or Make Fast.

HERE is the full demo script for you!  Practice makes perfect!  Read through and practice your script in the days leading up to your party so you are comfortable and know the flow to the best of your ability.

HERE is the link to the labels/talking points to use for your demo at the time of party.

HERE is a link to the other misc documents needed for your party Demo.


Customer Care Card

Using a customer care card for each guest is vital in getting the information needed to help  you fit their needs.  Here is the card to use and collect from each guest before you start the one on one time.  Print these off and have on hand to give to each guest at your party along with an order form and catalog.

Your Check Out (One on One Time with EACH guest)

An effective check-out is SO important, and arguable the most important portion of the party.   It’s is where you will get future bookings and recruit leads.  HERE is the amazing script and process to follow during all of your one on ones.
Watch these videos for tips on how to make this most effective.




Here’s a GREAT & QUICK call playback about mastering one on one time at checkout!

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