Placing Your Order & Follow Up with Customers

Placing the Party Order For App-y Hour Party

Work with your sponsor to help you enter your orders and close out your party orders for the first time.  This will ensure it is done the easiest way and nothing is left on the table for your host.

Placing the Party order For Workshops

Follow this document or watch this video for easy step by step directions on placing your pre- workshop bundle order if you are ordering workshop kits ONLY to ship to the host.

*Note: ONLY order workshop kits on the order if you are relying on the 2 days to leave the warehouse timeline (plus 3 days on UPS truck shipping to TN or AR.  Check with FSS on your locations ship times.)  If you add anything other than workshop kits it will slow the order down.  You will be able to link back to the workshop order using a linked party order once the original workshop order has been placed and can then place misc product orders.

Follow this video if  you are using a party link and customers are placing their orders on your customer site.

Placing a Single Rep Order

Placing a Single Customer Order

Create a Party Order Link each month for your customers to order outside of parties/workshops

**To use the above links you must be logged into your back office and MRC


Following Up with App-y Hour Party Guests

Follow-up after a party is so important and establishes three main objectives:
• Provide Great Customer Service: Sending a follow-up email is an example of excellent customer service and also gives you an opportunity to THANK the guests for attending. You’ll also be able to share a few reminders of the options available at Wildtree! Show them that you are a solution and will provide support along the way!
• Establish Rapport: Take this opportunity to solidify your relationship with each guest. Chances are, some of the guests were people you met for the first time. You want them to remember you! Remember- we do business with people we like.

• Offer Time: Have you ever heard “I just need to sleep on it”? Some people just need time to think and assess their options. This gives you the opportunity to circle back around with them but also provides the appropriate space for them to take the time they need. Who knows? They may respond by placing aWildtree order, request to book a party, or even show interest in joining the business.

We have found that there are at least 3 touch points necessary to accomplish the above objectives – reaching out 24 hours after the party, 2 weeks after the party, and 2 months after the party. Feel free to add a personal line here or there to the email samples below. And remember – when sending a group email, send the message “To” yourself and “Cc” the Host. Then insert all guest email addresses into the “Bcc” field to respect the privacy of those attending.

HERE is the verbiage to copy and paste into a follow-up emails!

Keeping In Touch With Your Workshop Host and Guests

Now that your RSVP list is set and your order has been placed, you want to keep in close contact with both your host and guests.  ​Feel free to create template drafts in your email for easy access down the road.


Below links to Pre Workshop Communication documents:

Email to host right after order is placed

Email to guests right after order is placed. (be sure to attached their grocery list and prep chart for the menu they chose).  You can find the grocery list and prep charts for each menu on the MRC or HERE.

Email to guests and host 2 days before workshop

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