Who Do You Know?

You have the ability to help someone improve their quality of life with our business opportunity!  Watch this video for tips on having a healthy mindset toward team building, how to “tell your story” to inspire others to join your team, and casual words to use to invite friends and acquaintances in an authentic way!

Top 6 recruiting tips and words to use!

A few tips on sharing the opportunity as a new rep:

*Have meaningful conversations with your immediate circle of family and friends near and far, old and new that could use the Wildtree opportunity in their life.  Share your story and how Wildtree and this business is helping you.

*Get them on a three way call with you and your sponsor to answer questions and discuss the best options for that person.  You are not expected to know all of the answers!  Let us help you!

* Use our organization website to share specific details about the opportunity (www.simplehealthyworkshop.com/join)

*Remember- the best thing we have to offer is our business opportunity!

*If you are new to this business and hesitant that you can’t train a teammate- no worries! We have this amazing exclusive training website AND your upline leader that has worked with hundreds of teammates. We love poring into and growing others!

Documents To Use

Here are the documents to use in your demo and share with your guests per the video above.  This is the best way to get information out and seeds planted after you have discussed the opportunity.

Print this Opportunity Flyer and give out to each person at your party/workshop

Print this Opportunity Flyer to show during your demo as your talking about the business

More tips and words to use when Team Building