Fortune is in the Follow Up

My first workshop/tasting is over, now what?!
Step 1- Immediately get on the phone and review what worked and didn’t work with your up line leader.  Celebrate successes, evaluate any changes that need made or things you need more coaching/practice.
Step 2- Reassess your goals and set new ones as needed!

Step 3- FOLLOW UP with your customers is so important. Amazing customer service, future bookings and team members will come AFTER a party, and are a result of diligent follow up.   The most successful people in this business are ones that keep their leads organized, and place a priority on that follow up.   Watch this video for some simple tips on how to make this easy. See words to use in your 2 day, 2 week a 2 month follow up next/below!

Creating/Using Your Own Customer Management Process

How do you keep on top of your follow up?  By creating a simple system! MAKE A COPY (or continue to add to your copy you created in earlier module) and add your contacts for your workshop/party with the notes and info you took about them and what they were interested in.  Use your survey forms to note their interests, rankings and any personal notes you took too.  You will continue to add to this document from this point forward.  You can sort by the follow up date, their interest and always be on top of who you should be reaching out to!  Make your Wildtree work time MOST efficient!

Customer Database Template HERE


The Three Send Follow Up System

This is the one of the biggest things that makes Wildtree and our customer support TOP NOTCH!  Developing this follow up system that you CONSISTENTLY DO and WORKS for you is huge for your business.

Put these customers and follow up dates in your customer data base so its easy to see when they need to be contacted. Your customer survey info in your database will be very important here so you can use the notes from what you discussed at the workshop and what interests they had at that time.

1st follow up contact is sent 2 days after workshop

2nd follow up contact is sent 2 weeks after workshop

Example email for guest

Example email for guest that booked a workshop

Call, Text or Facebook message each guest (be sure to make a personal contact) between the 2nd and 3rd follow up to check in and try a different communication method.

3rd follow up contact is sent 2 months after workshop