Use Your Business Kit to Start Strong!

You have an amazing business kit headed your way. This kit was designed specifically to get your off to the strongest start possible. Here are some tips to use this kit in the most beneficial way.

Ingredients of this Box.png

Catalogs- Use these labels to print your contact info on 10 to a page size labels and add to your catalogs before giving out to friends and party guests.

Products- add your full size products to your Wildtree meals app pantry. Use the meal planning function to use those products to make meals.  Cook for your family to love and post on social media to start sharing your mealtimes.

Party packs- assemble these packs to get ready for your first party hostesses.  They will choose either mexican or italian menu for their party snacks.

Taco Night Giveaway- choose 10 friends who follow directions, give them a taco night kit and ask them to cook, post on social media, tag you in the post and then see how many friends love her easy mealtime.  These will be your first 10 bookings!

2018 Stir invitation- pencil the Stir dates in Denver Colorado on your calendar for 7/26-7/28. See you there!

Soiree poster- This is our annual all expense paid incentive trip. You can earn the trip for 1, 2, Presidents Club or 4 guests.  Hang this in your office space and ask your spouse if they are excited to go to Colombia!!

Recipe for Success- work your way through the boxes and start checking off your progress.  These are fun steps to get your business rolling!

Roots to Success Training Guide- this will be your guide in this business.  Create your goals, why and keep track of your progress here.

Use your FREE Shipping Voucher NOW!

Take advantage of your FREE SHIPPING VOUCHER on your first personal order up to $400 at 35% OFF! BE A PRODUCT OF OUR PRODUCT! You get you commission on what you order AND it goes toward your get cookin program!!   Total steal!  It’s great to stock up on the things you want to try, and the things you are out of.  I also suggest you order some workshop bundles (you can use it later) that you can show at your parties.  Screen shot below shows how to order.  (See the drop down menu with the Free Shipping Voucher Order type.)  HERE are some ideas.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.51.29 PM.png

Get Cookin’ Rewards Program

Wildtree rewards you for getting your business off to a successful start which also builds huge momentum for your future business.  Print off the flyer and put dates next to each section so you know the time periods you are working for.  Your leader is excited to help you hit these goals!

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Order Your Wildtree Shakes!

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Download the app, if you have not already.    You’ll find it in the app store: Wildtree Meals.   Be sure to use the same email address as you used when you joined Wildtree. Go ahead and create a profile and load any product you have in the “pantry” so you can get recipes with what you have on hand.  And then order your shakes!   I recommend a 30 day supply (2 canisters) since you will then receive FREE SHIPPING, AND, like everything else, you get commissioned on the sale.

What Is Your “Why”?

Your “why” will be the driving force behind your business.   It’s the gas in your tank, it’s what makes you eager to get into your “office” each morning.  Without a strong “Why,” your business won’t grow the way it can, and should!  Here are a few example of why others have chosen to build a business with Wildtree.

5 Pillars of Success

5 Pillars of Success are, quite simply, the daily and monthly work needed to build a business.   Work with your sponsor on what these factors are, and why they are key contributors in the growth of your business.  Listen to this call to learn more. (start at 11:30 in)
5 Pillars of Success-page-0.jpg
Download and print the 5 pillars of success flyer to color in and track each month HERE

Strong Start!

Establishing your Vision and Goals are SO important.  Here are the strategies to use and actions to reach those goals.

Picking Your Income

We know that this is not a “one size fits all” business, and that each rep has unique income goals.  Here at Wildtree, we have different income tracks so that you can build a business with your goals in mind.
Download our Wildtree Income Tracks HERE.
Download our Wildtree Career Path and Compensation document HERE
***Download, fill out and email your sponsor the DREAM BIG ACTON PLAN.  We will review this on our first call so that we are equip to help you hit YOUR GOALS.