Creating Your Circles of Influence

This is a business of people!  Your business will not just be built on the people YOU know, but on the people THEY know.   Each person in your network is a bridge to a new group of people that you have yet to meet.  Starting your business with a diverse group of people will be the key to a quick build!

Download your Circles of Influence HERE

Your Own Customer Management Process

How do you keep on top of your contact list and their responses?  By creating a simple system.   MAKE A COPY (critical) of the file below and start adding your contacts.  You will continually add to this document from this point forward.  You can sort by the follow up date, their interest and always be on top of who you should be reaching out to!  More on this in the later modules as we will use this same system to follow up with your party guests.

Save your Customer Database Template HERE

Setting Up Your Website 

Before you shout from the rooftops that you have a new business, we want to have your website and app ready to go so that people can find and direct their business to YOU!

Download the How to Set up you Website and Newsletter HERE

Wildtree Meals App

Download our Wildtree Meals App and start sharing. Our App is FREE and can be a revenue generator for you when you share it with your friends and they in turn share with THEIR friends! CLICK HERE for App 101 on how to use the app and get others engaged. It is important that you sign up as a “rep” by using the same email address you joined Wildtree with so the system knows to link to you as a rep.

Here are a few Wildtree Meals App video tutorials for you to watch to get you started:

Let’s Get Social!

One of the easiest ways you can get started (and start making money right away!) is to set up to strategically market your new business though Facebook, AND to set up a few Facebook Parties for your friends and family!  Because we are both a product and a meal planning service, educating and sharing what we do with your friends to help excite them is critical to your success!   Luckily for you, we have a protocol for all of this.

We highly suggest you create a Facebook Group to start adding your friends near and far. The Groups are found to be better than a Page at this stage in your business.  HERE are posts to use on your first 35 day Social Media Marketing Campaign in your group. (NOTE: You will need to be logged into the MRC to access this link)Now get a date set for your first FaceBook party.  This will be a 30 minute live event for your out of town friends (we will invite your local friends/family to your launch tasting/workshop). For an example Facebook party using the outlined info above click HERE. (You must be RSVPed as going on our Team McCool Facebook page event to view)

We’ll be shooting for your first $1000 in sales with these events!  You’ll earn $290 in commissions and bonuses when you reach $1000 in sales!  AND… $300 in free products! ($200 through host rewards, and $100 for achieving your Fast Start Goal!)  You can set this event up today! Just pick a date, create your event, and start reaching out!

Tips On Using Social Media to Help Your Business and Your Customers & Sharing the App at Your Parties and How to Follow Up!

How to Get Your First 50+ Shake Subscribers

Start inviting people to order the shake. If I am being honest, you can do this at night via FaceBook messenger.   My first dozen shake customers were ALL through FaceBook messenger.  (Literally not a word spoken.)  I say this to prove that it DOES work, and you can capitalize on your social network!
If you are wondering what to say, here is a link to my word-for-word messaging.   I got 22 signups in just a few days with these words.  They work!!

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