Getting Your First 6-8 Bookings

Getting started is actually pretty easy if you don’t “over think” it.  Your job is to get your first 6-8 bookings so that your business can grow from there.   Where are these parties coming from?  Your first hosts are on your Hot list of 100!!  You’ll be reaching out to all of them to see if they are interested in hosting.   But first — have 2 dated parties of your own to invite them to if they don’t want to host, but would love to attend.

It is suggested to have two App-y Hour party dates set for 1-2 weeks away from today and then fill your other 2-5 dates with friends hosting.  This allows you to talk to your friends about hosting and then have the party dates to invite them to as a guest if they are not ready to host.   You WILL have friends that are ready to host!

Send your Upline your launch dates so they can help you with timing and training. There is a formula that we know works and will ensure you are off to a AWESOME start and you will earn your Get Cookin Rewards!  The faster you fill your calendar, the more people you get in front of at the beginning of your business and therefore takes off as efficiently as possible!

Download “cut & paste” verbiage to start making your contacts TODAY HERE

Get Your Calendar Ready

The first steps in filling your calendar is getting your calendar open dates ready and set a strategy to fill the openings.

Getting In Front Of People To Fill The Open Dates

Filling The Dates & Addressing Some Common Hesitations

 The Most Important Action To Keep Your Calendar Booked…..

5 Tips To Keep Your Calendar Filled

Handling Objections

Some people are excited about Wildtree and considering hosting, but there is something holding them back.  Watch this video to learn how to figure out what might be holding them back, and if you might have a solution for it!