YOU’VE GOT BOOKINGS!  It’s time to create the invites and get ready to coach your host!

We want inviting to be the easiest and most productive for you and your hostess.  Following these steps will do just that while having the best attendance and fun for all. 


For App-Y Hour Tastings

Step 1 and then go to Host coaching Tab next (skip the remaining steps below): Set up a party event link in your back office that you can share with the host (or you if for your party) to collect out of town orders and share with those that can’t attend the party.  Also use this party order link to share with friends and family to order right away.  This allows you to save up host rewards for your use later after the party. See how HERE.  When they use this link it will take them to your website and the order will count towards the party you have set up. Their order will be shipped out right away (be sure they choose direct ship) and build toward the total host rewards on that order.

For Workshops

Step 1- Create a party RSVP/order link

Now that your workshop is booked, we want to make it easy for people to order their bundle.  There are two ways to create a link for the guests to RSVP.  Get with your trainer on what works best for your goals.

Option 1: Create a Google Form RSVP link

Watch this quick tutorial on how to create a google link that saves the RSVPs on a spreadsheet for you to order in your back office on the due date.  HERE is a link to the template   *watch video 1st for directions on how to MAKE A COPY first so you don’t mess up the template*  You will then use this party order link to share in your emails, Facebook events and personal contacts for the guests to RSVP for the event.


OR Option 2: Create a party order link in your back office

Follow the below video steps to create a freezer meal workshop party link in your back office that your customers will use to sign up (purchase) their workshop kit from your customer facing website.  Just like they are shopping online but they are tied to a specific party to build host rewards.  You will then use this party order link to share in your emails, Facebook events and personal contacts for the guests to RSVP for the event. Watch this quick tutorial to see how to create a link for easy self-serve ordering for your guests.

Step 2- Create a PreSlicely Account for Workshops Butcher/Produce Option

As a rep in our organization you have the opportunity to work with the butcher that ships direct to our customers anywhere in the US.  Here is the link to become an affiliate (FREE and you get $5 per bundle sold via your aff links) and then talk to your trainer on the final details to start sharing with your friends/customers. You are welcome to your your trainers PreSlicely link for your first workshops if you want to skip this for now!

This option adds HUGE value to what we are offering our customers.  Convenience and amazing quality food.  Make our workshop meals taste better when they use quality meats too!  PreSlicely offers the meat bundles for all of our workshop menus (can also be easily subbed for our allergen families as needed) and produce pack options for some menus too!
Here is a PreSlicely back office tour that shows you how to set up your account, create your customers order links and how you get paid the rewards.

Here is a video on what the PreSlicely option is and you are also welcome to share this with customers.


Step 3- Create and send the invite emails

Click HERE for email invite templates to send for workshops.  This is geared for your hostesses & host coaching (as seen on next step of training) but you will use the same email templates and just change a few things on the language for your personally hosted parties.

Click HERE for email invite template to send for tastings.

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