Hear from my hostesses and customers on how Wildtree has helped them!


Alyssa DiCicco shares her blog and video on why she loves Wildtree.


Wildtree has been such an unexpected blessing for me! I hosted a workshop on a whim after seeing my friend doing the same of FaceBook. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get together IMG_3369.JPGwith the ladies and accomplish meal prepping at the same time?!? Kathy was extremely patient and helpful as I had several questions since no one in my area had heard of Wildtree. The workshop was SO EASY to host and prepping the meals was a breeze (meal planning is a STRUGGLE for me so this was a pleasant surprise!) My husband and I have enjoyed our meals, and as a bonus, our credit card statement was significantly less that month since I wasn’t wasting money and food for lack of planning! This proves that Wildtree can make meal planning, shopping and prepping easy for anyone! It has been worth every penny and I highly recommend you to give it a try! Melissa Read


Dorsey Thorley 032717eMy husband and I are busy medical professionals who are renovating a house and getting ready for our first child in May.  I wasn’t far along in my pregnancy but having those meals ready for us to eat at the end of a long day was a lifesaver!  I also knew that the meals were healthy and delicious, both qualities really important to me. I just restocked my freezer with another set of Wildtree meals after hosting my own workshop!  Now we’re ready for baby to come and I have a lot less work to do around mealtime. Dr. Dorsey Thorley

amy gerwe


Wildtree opened my mind to a world of more healthy choices for my family and has assisted me in pre-meal prep which has saved me hours in the kitchen! I love trying new recipes and knowing what I am feeding my family is healthy! Dr. Amy Gerwe

Wildtree workshops have given me back my sanity! I love that the prep work and the menu decision making are already finished the moment I open my freezer door.”Sophia Birdwell


image1.jpgI love how easy Wildtree makes my meal time!  I was tired of cooking, searching for healthy recipes and all the planning that goes into it.  Wildtree simplifies all of that for me!  I can now make quick, healthy meals for my family every night, without all the work.  I’m also able to make the foods I love, in a quick healthy way.  I love the ingredients, love the price, and love how it has taken the stress out of dinner.  Best part of Wildtree, it’s delicious! -Sarah Lawler


I love Wildtree for so many reasons. It has empowered me to serve my family in two strategic ways. I have never been great with a budget or planning ahead. This has given me an easy way to plan and follow through. Since doing one Wildtree kit per month, we have lowered and stuck to our grocery budget for over 8 months now! Second, it’s really important to me what I feed my family. If I spend money on something I want it to have substance and value. I love that the products are delicious and made from good wholesome ingredients I don’t have to worry about. Thank you, Wildtree for creating products that are worth it!  Brooklynn Grimes

I absolutely love Wildtree!  Before I discovered Wildtree I would always have such a Anna B.jpghard time making a variety of healthy good meals for my family.  Around 4:30pm every day I would think “oh no, what am I gonna make for dinner!”  And nine times out of 10 I wouldn’t have everything that I needed to make what I wanted to make at the time. Wildtree has helped me so much to be consistent with feeding my family home cooked healthy meals and saved me so much time and money!  Anna Bachelder


I love Wildtree because I am a busy mother of 5 and work full time. Having time to cook a nutritious meal when I get home from work is next to impossible. I had a wildtree image1 (1)workshop and prepared 20 meals in one evening ready to go from the freezer. I love that I can just put something in the crockpot in the morning that will be ready when I get home. Plus it’s a well balanced meal I feel good serving. I also have quick meals for those nights that we are rushed, dinner in 20 minutes!! Having 5 kids is challenging enough, now dinner doesn’t have to be such a chore. I plan to continue keeping wildtree a part of our lives!  Kellie Pacheco



I love Wildtree because it takes the guesswork out of the “what’s for dinner?” question each night!  I love having a freezer full of meals that are already assembled, delicious, healthy and ready to be eaten by my eager family.  They love when they see me pull a Wildtree meal out of the freezer!  Ellen Livingston


I will never forget the first time that I spoke to Kathy about Wildtree.  It was like talking to a long lost sister who understood me completely.  She understood my struggle to balance everything:  work, soccer practice, gymnastics, piano, choir, housework, kattiehomework, playtime, and cooking.  She understood that some nights that there was simply not enough time or energy to make my family a healthy meal.  She understood that I wanted more time to just have fun with my children.  Most importantly, she had solutions to some of my struggles.

With Kathy guiding me through all the amazing Wildtree products, I was able to make some big changes:

  1. Meal prepping.  Kathy showed me how to use Wildtree to plan my meals for the month.  In a couple hours, I am able to stock my freezer for the month.  She has helped me not only with dinner but breakfast too!  I save about 30 minutes per day which is a game of tag, a craft project, or just some extra snuggle time with my little ones.
  2. Saving Money.  The amount of money I was wasting on food was crazy!  I was buying food then not having time to cook so it was going to waste. The money we are saving is going into our kids college funds.
  3. Healthier Family.  Since the Wildtree products are based on flavor and not sodium, dyes and preservatives, my family has become much healthier.  My husband’s blood pressure is much lower and he feels great (he has even started running again).  The scale for me has started to show positive results since we don’t eat as much fast food or junk.  The kids are developing healthy habits too!  They prefer the Wildtree Kids Cheese on their popcorn versus butter and salt.  They are also learning about meal prepping and cooking, since the meals are easy to make as a family.

Wildtree has so many amazing and delicious products that can truly help change lives.  I am so blessed to have met Kathy!  Katie Matter


marci smith


“When you open your freezer door and see all of your workshop meals……one of the best feelings ever!” Marci Smith


hilary larsen 1“I was pretty skeptical about Wildtree. I enjoy cooking and most days I even have the time, IF I have a plan. So for me, what I love about Wildtree is that it takes the guess work out of “what’s for dinner?” And it has really widened my recipe box to some awesome new recipes! And my favorite part, is of course the health benefits of all of the Wildtree products. After my first workshop, I was hooked! It is so worth it!!!” Hilary Larsen

jessica meyer


“Wildtree introduced me to cooking not only meals that looked good, but that tasted even better! Now not only do I love cooking; I love knowing that my family is eating healthy meals!”  Jessica Meyer


missy kitchings

“Hosting Wildtree workshops this year has been a great advantage to mine and my friends family dinners.  No more day-by-day scrambling to figure out “what’s for dinner,” because the meals are already prepared and take very little time to get on the table:  healthy, tasty, and inexpensive!” Missy Kitchings


Lisa Hollinsworth

“I discovered Wildtree through a friend of a friend. Best discovery ever!  When I buy from Wildtree, I don’t even have to read the label.  I KNOW the ingredients are all high quality, no chemicals, no junk.  Oh, and did I mention it’s delicious?! ” Lisa Hollinsworth


Leanna“I love Wildtree for many reasons. Confidently feeding my family knowing that it is free from so many health hazard ingredients that are in products off the shelf at the grocery store is huge to me, I don’t have to search for the non-toxic meal makers and I get to just cook. And, if I choose to meal prep/freeze multiple meals at a time, then three specific wins happen: 1) Our home smells incredible & dinner is ready when we get home from our day! 2) Mommy’s mood is less stressed, which in turn…= 3) Our “quality family time” increases, in time and quality! Win, win, win!!”  Leanna von Sternberg